Mentoring & Coaching

“For anyone who is interested in developing their storytelling skills or exploring the power of their own personal stories in their day-to-day lives, I highly recommend working with Sue.  If you do that, it will certainly be enjoyable and educational and it may even be life changing!”

Sue has been coaching storytellers for over 20 years now. She collaborates in devising new personal storytelling material for performance, coaches on technical skills and helps develop audience rapport. People say she has a direct yet warm style which achieves results quickly and builds confidence. As the ability to tell stories is intimately linked to personal development, her coaching often leads to greater personal awareness and growth.

Sue has been working in the field of organisational storytelling since 1996 when, with 2 colleagues, she formed the very first UK consultancy in this area, the ground breaking Storytelling in Organisations. Her clients include PricewaterhouseCoopers, Action for Children, Shell, BP, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, the United Nations, Barclays Bank, DLA Piper, The Prince’s Trust and the National Health Service amongst others. She has contributed to programmes at Oxford Said Business School and the University of the Witersraand in South Africa, as well as anthologies such as Storytelling for Entrepeneurs by Melissa Addey (2016). Sue coaches top business leaders in narrative skills in one-on one sessions for key presentations and also works with Boards at a strategic level.

One-to-one session – Gestures


• for emerging or developing storytellers
• for people establishing or developing a storytelling organisation, project or community
• for senior business leaders seeking to introduce narrative into the organisational leadership culture

“Thank you for the one-on-one mentoring on designing my new storytelling website. I knew I would first need to explore the process of stepping out more fully into my storytelling work in Cape Town, acknowledge and understand the changes in my work over the years and ultimately clarify my offerings. Thank you for understanding my brief straight away and coming alongside me to facilitate the journey so incredibly sensitively and with great warmth, understanding and encouragement. The balance of your years of experience in both the business and storytelling world, lent great insight into the issues I was grappling with. I had a real sense of being heard and seen. I am so grateful for the accelerated exploration, realizations, learning and transformation that took place over those precious sessions. Like a compass, they point me in a direction I need to go and give me courage for the way ahead. Thank you Sue for journeying alongside me with heart, interest, energy and a sense of humour!”

Gilly Southwood, Storyteller, Facilitator and Narrative Guide.


• for storytelling professionals seeking to develop their skills
• for senior leadership presentations
• for storytellers who are creatively “stuck”

“I first experienced Sue’s story coaching and facilitation in 2004.  At the time, it was unlike anything else I had experienced in how it evoked child-like joy and curiosity in all of the attendees.  I found it to be a powerful approach to personal development while being very enjoyable and highly engaging. Over the last few years, I have attended events that Sue has hosted in each of Greece, the Netherlands, Turkey and Ireland as well as doing on-line coaching sessions with Sue.  In my view Sue is a highly skilled coach and facilitator who is very good at establishing psychological safety for participant groups.  Having seen her handle a wide range of situations, I always feel that Sue has the capability to handle whatever comes up in a group or with an individual.  For me personally her story coaching and support has been positively life changing and for that I will always be very grateful. For anyone who is interested in developing their storytelling skills or exploring the power of their own personal stories in their day-to-day lives, I highly recommend working with Sue.  If you do that, it will certainly be enjoyable and educational and it may even be life changing!”

Peter Mohan, Clearmind Founder and Principle Consultant.

“Sue is a first class coach. She is skillfully, intuitively and accurately supporting the creation of a story that is very deep in my heart. I have felt seen, inspired and led in it’s development knowing I and it are in excellent hands. The process is intense, reflective and deeply healing. Working with Sue is a delight. Simply said, Sue is a treasure!”

Matthew Stone, CEO Squat Toad Ltd.


Sue works collaboratively with storytellers in person to devise new material for true life storytelling performances.

“I very much enjoyed working with Sue one-to-one as part of the early development of Perfectly Imperfect Women. Her skill and passion make her such an excellent facilitator. I learnt a great deal as she encouraged, inspired and shook me up to shape my stories. I loved the combination of groundedness and kindness as she led me forward to find more, to dig deeper. She has such a special warmth, knowledge and wisdom in the way that she teaches and shares which has made working with her a joy.

Danyah Miller, Storyteller, Performer, Theatre Producer.

Sue offers 75 minute sessions of mentoring and coaching, either face to face or on Skype. 3 sessions is the minimum booking.

Cost: These vary according to what is needed and where in the world you are, so please contact Sue directly. Sue offers a discounted rate for students she has previously taught and also for long term projects in both business and the arts.